Employment with the DelGrosso Family of Companies

The DelGrosso Family of Companies is owned and operated by the daughters and sons of Fred and Mafalda DelGrosso, the founders of DelGrosso Foods, DelGrosso’s Amusement Park, Marianna’s Fundraisers, and DG2Go.

These family-owned companies take pride in hiring employees committed to the delivery of quality products in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

DelGrosso’s Park & Laguna Splash

The Home of Family Fun and Famous Food

DelGrosso Sauces

The Finest Sauce Made

Marianna’s Fundraisers

The Fundraiser That Sells Itself


Homemade From Our Kitchen To Your Table

To be considered for a position with any of our companies, you will need to complete an application using the “Apply Now” button associated with each job posting.

  1. First-time users will need to create a “Presence” which will require an email address and password to set up. If you are applying to the job(s) in multiple/different companies – a new “Presence” will be needed for each company to apply for open jobs.
  2. Each job has its own application associated with it so applicants will need to complete an application every time they apply.
  3. Please apply for each available position you wish to be considered for.
  4. You will receive an email notification confirming your application was submitted.
  5. If you are being considered for a position, the Hiring Manager responsible for filling the available position will contact you by phone or email to schedule an interview.
  6. This process may take several weeks.

If you have questions about or need assistance with the application process, please contact the Human Resources Department at hr@delgrossos.com or 814-684-5880.