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The DelGrosso Family of Companies are owned and operated by the daughters and sons of Fred and Mafalda DelGrosso, the founders of DelGrosso Foods, DelGrosso’s Amusement Park and Marianna’s Fundraisers.

These family owned companies take pride in hiring employees committed to the delivery of quality products in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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DelGrosso's Amusement Park Logo

Fred and Mafalda DelGrosso had a simple mission statement for DelGrosso’s Amusement Park: “Provide high quality food and entertainment in a clean, safe and friendly environment at a fair price.”

More than 70 years later the DelGrosso family continues on with these guiding words.

The park is open weekends in May and September and seven days a week June thru August.

Employee Testimonials

DelGrosso Foods Logo

DelGrosso Foods is the oldest major family-owned producer of pasta sauce in the United States. Every member of the DelGrosso family team takes great pride in producing “The Finest Sauce Made.”

The company, founded in 1947, has taken its place among the most highly regarded makers of fine sauce anywhere.

Not only does DelGrosso Foods produce the Traditional DelGrosso brand, but also our award-winning, ultra-premium pasta sauce La Famiglia DelGrosso.

In 1981 the DelGrosso Family established Marianna’s Fundraisers as a way to help organizations meet their fundraising goals.

Marianna’s Fundraisers helps thousands of groups such as churches, non-profit organizations, clubs, bands, schools and sports groups raise funds for a variety of worthy causes.

Marianna’s employs a number of part time employees who are on the front lines of helping make communities better by producing delicious pizzas and hoagies on a daily basis.

In 2018 the DelGrosso Family launched DelGrosso’s To Go (DG2GO). This food program allows park guests to enjoy some of their favorite DelGrosso’s Park Food even when the park is closed.

From the delicious DG2GO Ready to Eat Meals delivered right to your car or the DG2GO Pizza Shop open weekends (Oct-Apr) customers can take advantage of variety of food favorites to take home and share with family and friends.

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